More helping people woes

Contacted Smartiezone the other day.    It was going to be concerning volunteering, but their website has a fault, in that the contact form text is the same colour as the backgroud,  rendering it unreadable.   (LOL)

So, being a nice person.   I have e-mailed them, to inform not only the problem exists,  but also how to potentially fix the error. I offered to drop in (as its summer holidays) and have a look to see if I can fix it.

27/7/2017 – Looks like they have fixed the error,   not sure if that was a result of my e-mail or someone just noticing the error.   But good to see it is fixed

On another note,   have contacted the Acorn Centre ( 27/7/2017 )  in Barton with the view to volunteer over the summer and perhaps do some Arduino or Raspberry Pi activities.   Lets see if they reply.

It is very hard to explain what this technology is, especially in a short e-mail so better to go in, take items with me and explain that way.