Nested Loops

Ok this document is pretty much done.   So I have uploaded the final beta draft to my git hub account.

This is essentially a education worksheet or document to explain by example nested loops.  I figured out how to do the same thing in scratch and included that as a lot of schools teach scratch.

I have included code for ruby and return to basic, partly as I just figured out how to do the same thing in those languages.  The main language focus is python.

Any comments, suggestions, further help welcome.

Document written in LaTeX using TeXstudio, so you need a similar tool to compile / view in pdf, however the source code can be edited in any good text editor.

You should be able to download this and support files in the usual way for downloading git content.

A note on license for this document
Creative Commons Licence
Nested Loops by Paul Sutton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.;

The code within the document is pretty simple and therefore released under gpl.