Netbook Upgrade


I spent a few hours this afternoon migrating my netbook from Lubuntu to Debian 9.5 (Stretch),  this went really well. There were no issues with hardware support as I had already tested this before migration.

So having installed the base OS,  installed extra software and copied back all my backed up files.  I am back up and running again.   This does not generally take several hours I just wanted to make sure things were not rushed.   It takes < 1 hour to get a base install of Debian up anyway.

Good thing is that both Slashem-sdl and Warzone2100 work properly (they fail under Ubuntu reprieved distributions).  I just need to find a way to get Nethack-vulture working but that could be more complex as I think the libraries that support this are out of date,   the package is a few years old.

I have also installed all of the texlive-latex packages,  and yes apt does support wildcards, so

apt install texlive-latex-*  just got on with it, which is good.

I need to get used to the idea that Debian does not have sudo by default so to do admin tasks users need to use su then enter their root password,  then they are dropped to a root user shell to carry out admin tasks.   Much easier, but at the same time can be dangerous.

On a related note Debian 10 (buster) is getting closer so looking forward to that.