New toys : Electronics

As well as computer stuff.   I want to try and get back in to some electronic prototyping.   I have therefore purchased a Breadboard and a Power module that fits in to the breadboard to supply +3v and +5v





3.3V 5V Breadboard Power Supply Module for MB102 Solderless Breadboard











BB400 Solderless Plug-in BreadBoard, 400 tie-points, 4 power rails, 3.3 x 2.2 x 0.3in (84 x 55 x 9mm)




These two items work great with each other.  I have only just started with this so have an led lit up using the +3 v output.  Setting up is easy too when you plug it in if you look for the numbers of the columns from left to right and then plug the module in on the left hand side, then the +/- on the module should line up with the +/- rails on the breadboard.  Once in place you can add components and you’re only using up the first part of the board,  the boards are designed to clip together too, so if you can get more boards later.

Amazon also do a kit that comprises this power module,  a larger breadboard and some male to male wires.


You can power this from a normal psu, with the right barrel connector OR use a usb lead from a usb power supply,  This has A out, going to a USB A to B converter,  into this plugs a USB A to B lead (type you use for a printer) which the other end goes in to the module, works fine.

Will write more later when I have done a bit more than simply got a LED to light up.