Nextcloud and Docker


Spent the last few days experimenting with and  setting up Docker and an Next Cloud instance.  Very impressed and pretty easy to set up.   I have some instructions and notes.

I did keep starting up a new next cloud instance, until I found a command that would use the existing container.  I have also set up systemd so that docker starts on boot up as I don’t want to keep a computer on 24/7.   Also figured out cron and the server goes through shutdown at a specific time each day..

Setting this up may not work first time,  or not the way you probably want it to, be prepared to start over a few times till you get it as you want.  You also need plenty of disk space,  for /var which is where the container info is stored.   If this is a server then there is probably no need for a separate /home partition.

There are some good instructions out there (duck duck go is your friend)  and as you would expect you also need to search for information to get round problems. Once you have created a container,  then starting and stopping docker will use the existing container,

A set up such as this may be really useful for the South Devon Tech Jam.  For example could be good for sharing resources.   The same set up could be useful for school clubs,  would also be potentially be cost free,   especially if an old computer was used for this.   would make  really good use of  redundant and working hardware.