Notepad Update 3

I have been doing some more work on my note pad program,  The gui still looks the same as before.  Just made the actual window size bigger.notepad7

The following forms the changelog from previous versions

# notepad 5 added a 2nd menu and also added an exit dialogue box
# notepad 6, added open and save dialogues (they seem to work)
# note pad 6 = legacy code is still in source incase of issues
# notepad 7 = added menu insert
# added insert date time to insert menu
# notepad8 size 800×600 add character count option
# notepad8 – fixed word count properly,  changed window size

A few issues.

# To re-save the document you need to go to save as

# i need a way to capture the file name and store this in a variable,  I can then bring back in the legacy save code so that it then saves to the file name, and if no file name is specified then either use a default file name or call up the save as box

#I then want to be able to :

##insert the file name in the document

## print the document (this requires you to know the name of the document

## insert the filename of the document in the window title,

All this should be possible with a little tweaking of the code.