Online coding support.

As I am running the Torbay Tech jam.  One of the aims of this is to help people get into coding / computer science and STEM topics.

To this end I would like to help support people between events, partly as there is nothing worse than wanting to ask a question and having to wait weeks till the next Tech jam.

After chatting to a with Leitz who is on the #ruby on freenode.  I checked out the link to 90DW_mentoring which centres around a learners or group of learners setting themselves 90 days to learn something new and using IRC and the Atlanta User group mailing list as way to discuss and collaborate on learning.

I think this is achievable through the use of IRC, e-mail etc and maybe some other forums which can be set up.


Reference to the tern ‘hacking’ is intended to be in the original context of the term hacker which is defined here.