Online coding support.

As I am running the Torbay Tech jam.  One of the aims of this is to help people and especially young people get into coding / computer science.

Helping people at Jams is really only part of the overall picture,  what happens if people need help inbetween jams.

To this end there are a few useful tools we can use to help.

IRC – Internet Relay Chat:  this is real time chat room, please drop in and ask questions and discuss what you’re working on.

We encourage you to use github , this allows you to upload source code to a repository, others can then collaborate and or download your project,  and hopefully give feedback and help.  It is FREE to sign up. It can keep track of previous version uploads and has many advanced features.

Linked to github is gist : this allows you to upload snippets of code and share online by posting links (so feel free to post in to the IRC chatroom)  this allows other users to help you directly by examining your code and suggesting fixes and or improvements.  If you have a github account then you also have access to gist using the same login. is another excellent tool,  this is for file sharing so if you need to send other users, screenshots, ( of error messages, for example) or other content,  then you can use this,  again it is all free, but the content stays up for 14 days,  which for the most part is more than enough time. : This is an online web based text editor,  so ideal if you want 2 or more people to work on some code so people can give real time help. : Online virtual Linux. Again free.