Online coding support.

I would like to help support people between with learing to code or provide a platform that allows people to communicate with each other and provide help and support with learning various programming languages.

One idea is a 90 day challenge 90DW_mentoring which centres around a learners spending 90 learning a new language.   By collaborating we can encourage each other provide help and also someone to bounce ideas off if we get stuck,  sometimes the process of simply talking it through with someone or typing a question on a forum, e-mail or irc can yield results,  As you type you think about what you are asking and have a flash of inspiration.

To this end,  we can make use of the following

github – Code hosting.  Github has recently been bought by Microsoft, if you would prefer an alternative please try Notabug

github – gist – this is like pastebin – you can copy and paste code in to the website,  and then provide others with a link, great for sharing output, code, errors etc.

pastebin, This is similar to the above.   You can paste directly from the command line using pastebinit utility.

Please note that in some forums you are EXPECTED to be able to do this so others can help,  posting a message that something ‘does not work’ is not remotely helpful.  Please help others to help you.

Sign up to one of the many public servers.  I am NOT remotely interested in using Facebook for this project.

If you connect with me I am on,   but as all the servers are federated then you can search for me using (this is NOT an e-mail address),  If you are already on a server which is part of the federated network (this includes Mastodon and Diasora) you should still be able to connect with me.

Happy hacking and learning.


Reference to the tern ‘hacking’ is intended to be in the original context of the term hacker which is defined here.