Online learning 2

Online learning 2

Following on from my previous post on this.   As I am signed up to the Freecodecamp website  I get regular newsletters on what Free code camp offers.  This also includes what available via some of the words leading universities and learning providers who are providing learning courses free of charge.

Before we look at these.  The Open Universities  offers free  courses with OpenLearn. These  include several courses that help potential distance learners get started with distance learning and help  reflect on what is involved with this.

Am I ready to be a distance learner?

You may want to also look at

Essay and report writing skills 

There are quite a few other related courses designed to help new learners get the skills they need to study, learn and take part in distance learning,  So as these are free they are well worth checking out before committing to undertake more formal distance learning e.g Certificates. or a Degree.

So going back to what I mentioned earlier.  As part a recent Freecodecamp newsletter was a link to a list of courses offered by some of the worlds leading institutes

So this list includes about 620 courses from over 200 universities.  So lots on offer on a wide range of subjects.

One of these that I like the look of is the LaTeX course.  This does relate to report and essay writing.

LaTeX for Students, Engineers, and Scientists | offered by IIT Bombay via EdX

Freecodecamp is really worth signing up to just to find out what is out there. However the courses they do offer are really good.   The responsive web design certificate for example represents around 300 hours of learning, and includes activities, tests etc.

Hope you find this useful. It  would be great to get a support network up and running so learners can meet up regardless of who they are leaning with.

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