OpenLearn – The sun


My current OU course is The Sun, this is a Level 1, 8 hour course.   Course description quoted below.

“The Sun dominates our lives by defining our day, but how much do you know and understand about it? This free course will help you to explore the workings of the brightest star in our universe looking at its structure and the main processes taking place within it. You will also examine the phenomenon of sun spots.”

So far this is really interesting,  I have gone and found some other diagrams to illustrate the structure of the sun and a better diagram of the Electromagnetic spectrum for my course notes, and to complement  the diagrams the course uses.

This is part of a longer term plan to study 120 hours of courses within Science and specifically Astronomy, and related courses.

Plan is

Course OU-Level Hours
The Sun 1 8
Galaxies, Stars and Planets 1 8
Moons of our solar system 1 24
Jupiter and its moons 1 12
The Moon 1 6
Evolving Universe 1 12
Restless Universe 2 12
The big bang 3 20
In the night sky: Orion 1 24

This is ambitious, but should be fun.