Overleaf LaTeX Editor









I have started to use Overleaf more and more.  The advantage with this, is that itis cloud based and this saves a huge install locally.   Users can also work from the document anywhere,  which is the major advantage to cloud computing.  Of course the other advantage is that LaTeX provides tools to create very professional looking documents,  as long as you are prepared for a steepish learning curve, but there are more than enough LaTeX tutorials out there and you can find out how to do most things with a simple search.

Users can also collaborate.  I have not explored this feature yet, but I have used other collaborative tools and they are really useful and help to increase productivity.

To check out Overleaf please click here.

Overleaf also has templates built available for a wide range of documents. This is really useful.   It takes a litttle time to get used to the UI but once you get the hang of it, it’s great.