Password less logins


Note these steps

1. worked for me

2. may need modification (YMMV)

3. Assumes you can install software

4. Assumes you can read the man pages or ask for help via forums or google if you get stuck

5. you do this at your own risk, sorry.

Following on from my previous post

You can login remotely but generally need a password to do so, this is an extra step which on a home network or between a pc and a pi in a secure area may be a step that isn’t needed.

One solution is to set up password less logins, via a way of identifying the computer that is connecting and depending on a key it can connect.

To do this you need to set up a secure key, a unique ID that can be used to by each computer in order to recognise each other.

I have previosuly covered ssh, or secure shell

this method uses the same connection so firstly we need to set up a key

ssh-keygen and follow the prompts

select the default output path

this creates a unique key,

using ssh-copy-id user@host

the correct files are copied to the right place on the target computer, e.g raspberry pi, it will ask for the remote computers password, once copied, you can then ssh user@host or pi@ip-of-pi or pi@hostname, if you have /etc/hosts set up and connect without having to enter a password.

Yes this savers time, you can connect from several machines if you create a key and copy over. Please do NOT use this as a time saver there are situations where this is NOT appropriate to use.