People are waking up, finally.


Given all the current media attention given to Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. This demonstrates real anger at how our personal data is potentially (mis)used and how people are using this. The consequences are now proving costly to those involved.

If you want to #deletefacebook,  then please consider joining the free, decentralized, privacy aware and ad free social network Diaspora.  If you join,  then your friends may join too. This helps strengthen backlash.  Look what happened after the school shooting in Florida.  There is now a real movement happening across the whole of the USA,  even world wide protests of solidarity.   People are fed up of things, and are starting to become empowered. They are starting to fight back.   A year ago, who would have thought, that school aged young people, would rise up and say enough is enough and force real change to the US gun laws.

If they can bring about changes in attitude towards guns and indirectly to mental health, what else can happen?

To Join diaspora you need to find a pod (server) you can do this at

Diaspora has a vibrant community, come and join us,  it takes more work to find friends, but also for them to find you.   Price you pay for privacy and control I guess.

If you need further help then there are tutorials to help you.

Join the revolution and take back control of your data.