Photo stitching

Even though it is new years eve,  I have spent about an hour stitching some photos together that I took on Dartmoor on Tuesday.

If you goto my gallery on Picup I have updated this gallery with the new photos.

The images used are below.






Having zero experience of this I googled for what program I could use under GNU / Linux

Seemed to fit the requirement,  so I checked it was in the mint repositories and installed from the command line in the usual way.

I then loaded the 5 images in to the software which is actually pretty easy to use (well at least from my view point) and the end photo can be seen below.

Note the end file size was 22mb,  which exceeds the 16mb for wordpress,  I got round this by opening in GIMP,  taking a screenshot which is below.

This worked fine.  As you can see the end result is a panoramic view.

Original photos were 0322 to 0326

I would rate the level of knowledge required for this as beginner, partly as the software as far more features.   The same would go for installing software from GNU / Linux command line this is pretty much beginner level.