Pi Jam 11/1/2014

Today I also attended the 2nd Torbay Raspberry Pi jam,  and the first of 2014, at Paignton library.  I think what I did learn today was the Pi does not seem to like too much plugged in to it,  (well I know that anyway) however it seems that while at home having a usb hub + keyboard , mouse and webcam works fine,  having a pi view also plugged in causes a few issues.  So my planned demo of the qr code reader did not happen.  However :

Tom Brough has now adapted his Marco Robot,  to work with the qr code stuff (Tom helped me with some of the qr / zbar code anyway) so this seemed to go well, This uses an array to store codes until it receives a specific instruction to act on what is stored in the array.

Gordon also brought a large collection of add on boards plus the fuze box which is a pretty cool device, looks rather retro but it has the nice built in breadboard and keyboard all in a self contained unit, with access to usb, network, power in etc at the back.  This will hopefully get kids in to both software and hardware hacking, which is a good thing.

Dan S had his pi running google coder.  So that worked out well too.  Google coder looks pretty neat, so perhaps I can look in to that at some point too.   A good reason for schools to start lunchtime computer science groups so they can really take a look at this stuff.