Plastic bags : still a big problem

Plastic bags : still a big problem

It appears that despite efforts to reduce the number of plastic bags,  and introductions of bags for life,  there is still a big problem with this type of plastic waste.  A bbc report [1] suggests that the average household bought 54 bags for life a year. [1].  To me. this seems odd,  I buy about 2/3 pastic bags a year.  I keep them in my ruck sack,  if one breaks I then buy another bag.  Simple.,  keep the bags with you.  It is surely about changing the mindset and remembering to take them with you.

The metro suggests there are now calls to increase the charge to 70p [2].  I think this is a good idea,  as it may make people more organized to take a plastic bag with them when going out to the shops.

Something HAS to change.  Mindsets are harder to change,  however.   Perhaps another big public awareness campaign is needed to remind people to re-use plastic bags, not sure do people need to be nannied like that?

I want to see more recycling of plastic bottles,  more coordination of these schemes so that plastic collected in one area can be processed locally (e.g shredded) with the pellets going to a processing plant else where in the country.  If each county or region has more proper recycling plants, we could reduce waste further and the need to dump it in Asian countries (which we are doing).   We can’t keep doing this.

Why not a standard thread on a bottle made from say PTFE,  them have a bottle top of a specific colour.  make it standard and you can easily id the type of bottle.  You can’t then fit the lid on a different type of bottle.   To avoid issues of the top is lost,  perhaps have part of the neck also that colour.   Make it easy for consumers to id the bottle type and it will be easier to recycle.

We can re-use plastic, I have a ruler here made from recycled plastic, other companies are making things such as kayaks from plastic waste.  We need a system that reduces taxes on these products, to pay for the collection, processing of these materials so they can be re-used.   This will create jobs and bring in much needed financial income to many regions surely.