PrBoom – Open source DOOM

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Prboom is a clone of the ID software doom software, which since being released as open source software has allowed the game to be ported to more platforms and kep

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t alive in various forms.

Thus far I have

Got this installed o

n both my main desktop PC and raspberry pi

Copied the main doom wad file to both systems, this did require using sudoi to copy files over.

It was easier to copy to my pi in the following way

copy wad file to home directory on the pi

copy to required location which if you READ the documentatScreenshot from 2013-03-13 13:07:15ion is


i have also added an alias in .bash_aliases

alias doom=’prboom’

See my blog post for more info on .bash_aliases

I can now type doom rather than prboom to run the game.

useful other options

prboom -nofullscreen


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If you remember the original doom, there was a menu in dos that allowed you to set the various command line options for the game, hit ok and have these passed over when the game is run

prboom also has the same options and a few others

man prboom

I am therefore trying to create a similar mini front end. Having never done this sort of thing before Gordon Henderson has suggested using whiptail for the menu.

Thus far I have

#whiptail –title “Example Dialog” –yesno “This is an example of a yes/no
#box.” 8 78

#if [ $exitstatus = 0 ]; then
# echo “User selected Yes.”
# echo “User selected No.”
#echo “(Exit status was $exitstatus)”
whiptail –title “Check list example” –checklist \
“DOOM OPTIONSs” 20 78 4 \
“respawn” “Respawn Monsters” OFF \
“no monsters” “No Monsters” OFF \
“no sound” “Disable Sound” OFF \
“no music” “Disable Music” OFF \

Which produces the following.

Screenshot from 2013-03-14 10:45:13

All this does at present is send the choices to standardERR