This page will link to, or provide details as to some of the projects I am involved in.

Several personal coding projects,  most of which are stored on Github,    My latest activity here is fixing a few bugs in a Minecraft-pi gui program.  I am also learning Ruby with Codecademy.   My training and education page has details of courses as I complete them.

Torbay Tech jam.  This is a monthly event aimed at inspiring people, to not only code, but take an interest in STEM subjects.  We are open to all ages.    The jam runs on the 2nd Saturday of the month, at Paignton Library from 12:30 to 15:00.   Please e-mail me for details

Torbay Trojans American Football team.   My role here is varied,  mostly filling water bottles up and keeping the team hydrated during training sessions.  Game days I am either doing this,  looking after players, spectators or ball boy or sometimes chain crew.

Game development group :  This is a group set up by myself a few years ago.  The group was running at Parkfield in Paignton and am still a volunteer with IYSS (Integrated Youth Support Service).   The group started off as a Scratch and eventually moved on to playing Minecraft, however we did hack a MC server and got this working.

In 2017 I was approached at by Yule who was interested in teaching computer game development using Unity 2d/3d and Blender, using C# as the development programming language.   So the group migrated to this but still allowed other related activities at the same time.   The group started off well with one person learning to make the game.  However at present no one is attending so the group is on hold while we try and restart the group and get some interest in this and find people.

I would like to make the following CLEAR.  This group, on the teaching side, is essentially RUN by Yule and NOT myself,  we have a different range of expertise,  so I am more supporting Yule in what he is doing.  At present this is more concentrating on taking the group forward, perhaps in to schools or other venue who work with young people.

Trying to explain this to people who have zero clue, an apparent zero interest in the topic,  but also lack the skills to see beyond their lack of knowledge and see that it may actually benefit certain individuals is very frustrating.

We are both fully DBS checked for working with children and young people.

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