Projects update June 21 2016

I seem to have been busy with a few things over the last few days.  Firstly as my Arduino clock has failed (basically the time needs re-setting ).  I decided to therefore use the breadboard for something else.  I also need the LCD display for another project.

I found instructions for a HC-SR04 triggered alarm on indestructible,  so have built that.   For now I am using the code that came with it,  but I intend to modify the code to perhaps change the tone played.   Hopefully I can also make a HC-SR04 to tone unit so it varies the tone depending on the distance detected.  Now I know that the speaker works,  and the HC-SR04 work this modifying code is much easier.

I have also hooked up the dht11 to my raspberry Pi.  If the Python program is run from the console then it can be directed to both stdout and a file using the tee command.

Now the RTC module is free I want to try and combine this with for example the DHT11 and create some sort of monitoring / data logging unit.  I do suspect however this may be easier with the Pi as the ability to record / write data is already there.

In another updated, my obstacle avoiding robot is still giving problems, so this has now been stripped.  The intention here to test the A0 to a5 pins on the UNO board to make sure they work properly so I can hopefully track down what was causing the issues.  Probably a dodgy soldering joint.

Finally a few months ago I was working on a Minecraft-pi gui program,  this now has the get player position function working in the program.

One final project is that I have attached a LCD display to a Raspberry Pi, in fact I started this a while back so finally got round to finishing this off.  At present it is just using the default code but I will figure out what i can do with this later.

I will perhaps demonstrate some of these at the next tech jam.  However it may be that I just run s4a as I may be busy helping people with coding and or projects.

What I need to do now is capture the input from the x,y and z text boxes so the go to  position function works.  I tried this and it failed so I need to look in to it further.  It is an ongoing project.  Not found anyone to help or take it further yet.

I am currently looking for a holiday club to work at over the summer holidays, perhaps an organisation would like to add coding / hardware / electronics to a list of activities offered.  What I can bring may be limited but I should be able to bring something.   If anyone is interested please contact me.  It should be also possible to contact Hays Education and see if you can get me in via them, so that all the paperwork and compliance are taken care of.   They also check out employers to ensure I will be safe on site.