qr code to turtle graphics

During todays Raspberry Pi jam in Exeter.  Tom Brough helped me to fix this.   I now have a working program.  This works on the pi, but it is slow. Do NOT enable video on the pi in terms of showing the preview screen

proc.visible = False

Should be set as above to False on the pi, if you’re running on a faster device, PC for example then it is fine to have the preview window up.

proc.visible = True










So those of you who have been following this blog will know this has been an on going project for a while and is actually linked to the Curledge street academy computer group.

from sys import argv
import zbar
import turtle
import time
#init turtle
t = turtle.Pen()
#reate array
instructions = []
# create a Processor
proc = zbar.Processor()
# configure the Processor
# initialize the Processor
device = '/dev/video0'
if len(argv) > 1:
    device = argv[1]
# enable the preview window
proc.visible = False
result = "" 
# read at least one barcode (or until window closed)
while(result != "run"):
        # Extract (single) result from process_one() above
        for i in proc.results:
			result = i.data
			print result
# hide the preview window
proc.visible = False
for i in instructions:
        if (i == "forward5"):
                print "forward 5 pixels"
        elif (i =="forward10"):
                print"forward 10 pixels"
        elif (i =="turn45"):
                print"turn 45"
        elif (i == "turn90"):
                print "turn 90"

Feel free to grab the code from

https://github.com/zleap/qrturtle it is turtle3,py

The rest of the files are there for legacy purposes,   you will need to install the python-zbar module. which in debian, Lubuntu, raspbian is

python-zbar – bar code scanner and decoder (Python bindings)

Install in the usual way.

The code above is part based on the following


and was added to by Myself and Tom Brough.  We are both members of the Devon and Cornwall GNU / Linux user group.

What this does:

Waits for a qr code

scans the qr code

waits for the next qr code

qr codes are stored in an array

if the qr code run is read,  the instructions stored in the array are read and the turtle draws lines or turns depending on the instruction.