Random Links in Emails


There seems to be lots of e-mails going around that contain content such as that below:

The subject line is usually Hello <your name> with Hi, <your name> then a link, that to anyone with 1/2 a brain cell hardly looks like something genuine.  The e-mail signs off with regards (or similar) <name of friend / person who sent it>. So it looks like it is from someone you know.

These mails propagate because people click on the links.  If you get such an e-mail please DELETE it ,  as I am getting these from people who I know as I am in their address book.  I am also fed up if it.


Banks are starting to introduce polices where as if you click on a link that is clearly dodgy and as a result LOSE MONEY FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, they WILL NOT PAY OUT.  The same goes for phone calls from your bank asking for your pin number.  YOUR BANK WILL NOT PHONE AND ASK FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER.

Please take note,  THEY MAY REFUSE TO PAY OUT.

Please could people THINK before clicking on these links.