Raspberry Pi and RealVNC

You can now remotely connect to your Raspberry pi with RealVNC.   There are more details on the Raspberry Pi website blog post.

After a little bit of experimentation.   I have got this working,  still needs a few tweaks,  but I have now enabled the option to allow Minecraft pi to be displayed inside the VNC viewer window on my desktop.

Works pretty smoothly too.  I am however viewing a Pi 3, over a wired network connection.  I am not sure if performance is reduced if using wireless.  Note the option to enable this is found on the RealVNC web page for the Raspberry pi. 

Look for the screen shot of Minecraft and the following menu options,

Enable experimental direct capture mode

Anyway good stuff,  could be very very useful for schools as a way to buy pi’s,  centrally store the Pi’;s and connect each computer in a computer suite to a specific Pi,

Should also be possible to run a cron job to shut down each pi at a specific time of day too, saving power overnight.