Rocksndiamonds is a game based on the classic 80’s game Boulderdash.

Game info page(s) for Debian.

Title : Rocksndiamonds

Publisher : Artsoft

Type : Puzzle

My Levels : Coming soon (will be pushed to the Debian Gitlab Instance)

The basic idea, is to move around the screen to collect diamonds, avoid being killed by rocks and sometimes other nasties.  Collect a set number of diamonds in order to open the exit and progress to the next level.

The levels are a mix of walls, rocks, sand, diamonds and other things which either help or hinder your progress.  The sand vanishes as you move, however sometimes this can cause rocks or even diamonds to fall on top of you,  so go carefully.  Objects can fall on to other exploding sprites, which if you’re too close will kill you, or they can make a barrier from which you can’t escape.

On Debian,  you can search for the game files using apt

apt search rocksndiamonds
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rocksndiamonds/stable,now amd64 [installed]
arcade-style game


Install with (as root of course)

apt install rocksndiamonds

You can run from a terminal window using rocksndiamonds or it should appear under games in the menu system (it does on LXDE).  This game has been around in Linux distributions for at least 20 years.   Very playable.

Screen from the first level.

Collected all the diamonds?  Time to head for the exit.

Something is wrong with your strategy,  you have been killed (9 yellow diamonds).

Hmm, no where to go,  trapped between a wall and two rocks.

There are lots of variations within the game,  this is Sokoban,  which is based on another game,  the idea is to push the rocks in to the 6 spaces on the left,  without getting trapped.  There is a set of customized levels based on Sokoban.

Finally, if you feel creative then you can make your own levels. It should still be able to submit them for inclusion in the game.