Rpi B+ NOOBS post install

Yesterday I reinstalled raspbian via noobs, as I decided that I wanted to go back to raspbian after trying (and failing) to get OpenELEC to talk to my network properly.

This went well,   press shift on start up and select Raspbian from the NOOBS menu.

Once done I had the new desktop on X, which looks a lot better.

I decided to remove unwanted software such as wolfram and mathematica,  this takes up nearly 500mb of disk space.

sudo apt-get remove wolfram-engine should do this.

I then installed –

geany and the joe text editor.

I was then having real issues with getting the wifi working, the software to configure the hardware seems to be having issues writing to the config file for wpa_supplicant using the wpa_gui tool.

After some googling I found where the config file is located


file wpa_supplicant.conf

you need to be root to edit this file, so i just used

sudo joe wpa_supplicant.conf


I have starred out the info for security reasons however you can enter the password manually which is handy as when the software stars this out you can’t always tell if you are entering the right characters.

On the pi you use the wpa_gui tool to configure the network

Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11:08:28

For most people there should not be any issues,  however when there are some problems then try editing the config file manually,  and that may solve a few issues.


Just to add to this the memory usage for the Pi is also pretty impressive

Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11:18:22

So using 54MB out of 435 MB of my RAM.

Loading minecraft on the other hand starts to eat up CPU cycles

Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11:21:14

CPU Usage while generating a minecraft world

Screenshot from 2015-02-10 11:21:48

After generating the world the CPU usage goes down.

Note the above are from lxtask being run over a ssh -X connection to the Pi so that I can take screen-shots on my main computer of applications running on the Pi.