Send an e-mail, with attachment, using Disroot.

Send an e-mail, with attachment, using Disroot.

Firstly you need to set up an account with Disroot. A single account sign in will provide access to a set of different services including e-mail.

Once you have set this up then to access webmail you should navigate to the Disroot e-mail login page.

Once logged in you will see your inbox

Click new in top left hand corner to open up a new e-mail

Below where you enter your recipient(s) and subject line.  On the left are two icons to switch between your e-mail and attachment list.  On the far right is the icon to bring up the file navigation window so you can select the file to attach.  The icon for the attachment list does not, at present indicate any attachments.

Once selected press open and you are taken back to your e-mail.

This time you can see there is one attachment.

Once you have typed your e-mail you can either send or save the e-mail

After you send you are taken back to the main inbox where you can log out or start a new e-mail. (icon in top right corner)

The advantages of using Disroot over proprietary services is that they are private and respect your privacy.  No adverting, data collection / sale / misuse. etc.

You can integrate disroot with e-mail clients such as Thunderbird, or access via webmaill.  The interface is also clean and uncluttered with no useless extra features.   Disroot also supports encryption.

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