September 2017 write up.

September 2017 – Torbay Tech Jam – Write up


Another successful jam, this month we did some more GPIO hacking with the pi’s and visitors got traffic lights up and running as well as hacking with scratch and playing minecraft. Andy Wills aldo did some python coding with some of the younger visitors.

(illustrates our coding and hardware hacking area.

We also tested the Wii, that was donated last month by Caroline and Theo.

Matthew, Josh and Harley also spent some time taking PC’s apart also cleaned one of which was harleys which turned out to be quite dusty

Jack also tried to install Xubuntu on one of the Laptops.   I think my install disk may be faulty, as it failed but i had issues with the same install disk post jam.

We also live launched the new website and Samadi did a short run through on how the back end he wrote works.

Gordon Henderson also brought along his project which is a Raspberry pi based pdp8/I emulator, inside a case, designed to look like the original device. This was set up to count in binary.

We also had some cake, courtesy of Robin as it was is birthday the day before the jam. Matthew was unable to help install Android on his netbook, so he is hopefully going to do this at a later date, probably at the Game development group on Friday.

Post jam notes : I have updated 3 of the pi’s to run Linuxmint LXDE, I have also installed Scratch, Python3 and build essentials (c++) so hopefully we can make use of these at the next jam.

As always thank you to everyone for supporting the jam, and as always if you need help between now and the next jam on the 14th October then please feel free to chat to us on IRC (see link at the side) or send an e-mail.

See you next month and happy hacking 🙂