Sharelatex – LaTeX in the cloud.


I am starting to undertake more and more work using LaTeX as it has some really nice formatting features and allows me, in general to just get on with the content of a document, while still maintaining a professional looking layout for documents.

I have recently found a website called Sharelatex which is now part of another website called Overleaf.  This site is a little like TeX Studio in that you can enter LaTeX in one pane, compile and see the results in the left hand pane.

All of this is stored in the cloud,  so you can access from anywhere (well providing you have an Internet connection) and share quickly with others.

LaTeX is still popular with many education institutions such as universities.

I would suggest you sign up with Overleaf,  as Sharelatex will direct you to there anyway.

Sites such as latextemplates make use of overleaf too, so you can download a template and save to your cloud and work on this.

This set up also allows you to collaborate with other people.  With the free account you can have one collaborator.

The cloud really does make a difference when you need to work on the same document from several places.

Clearly you need to remember it is stored in the cloud,  so you need to keep personal and or private information private if possible,  simple things as removing your address / phone number from a cv, but perhaps replace with dummy text.  This can be changed later anyway.

There also seems to be github integration with

I think between this and TexStudio people have access to great resource for creating , editing and distributing documents.

I am in no way a LaTeX expert but I am starting to feel confident enough to perhaps look at teaching some of the very basics so for example

  • Basic document creation (e,g report, article)
  • Table of contents
  • Text formatting, e.g bold italic
  • Very basic maths and science function formatting, e.g chemical formulae
  • Bibliographies and citations
  • Cross referencing
  • Sections and subsections (numbered)
  • Sections and Subsections (not numbered)

I can do indexes and add picture using TexStudio but not sure how this is done in Overleaf yet, but I am guessing it is possible.

Hopefully I can get more people seeing the benefit of this.