Social Media Update


As I am part of the Fediverse [1] which is made up of many different decentralized social networks, all able to communicate together,  but giving people control,  especially if they run their own instance.

The [2] website has a useful interface and provides access to information on various different social media networks that form part of the overall network.

As people start to become more aware of privacy, and how data is used (or in some cases mis used) then we need to start thinking about what is important.

The decentralized web needs more users,  people to come over,  and then encourage friends / family to move over.   Post content to the network and help share and shape the future.   Perhaps after a while get your own instance up and running.   The nice thing about these networks is that if you decide to leave, you can download YOUR data and delete your account,  it is then gone,  none of this keeping it, incase you chance your mind nonsense.

The site does not list everything, as there is a huge choice, so there should be something for everyone.   For other services sites such as disroot [3] offer wide range of services including a diaspora instance, e-mail, cloud storage etc.