Sonic PI

Been playing around with sonic Pi,  looks pretty good so far,   nice simple user interface,  which is good,   will experiment more and once i have printed off the teaching materials,  cut out and laminated the cards,  I may have the resources to help run a few teaching / demo sessions.

I really want to get in to a school and help support this stuff,  I have the time to experiment but having access to schools means I can work with the children / young people on the research and development side,  get the viewpoints of the students and along with a small group come up with a good framework for a class.  Feed back to technicians., teachers and other staff at the school.

One note is that it suggests 1 pi between 2 people,  this would equate to buying

for a class of 24,

12 raspberry pis

12 sd cards or 12 micro sd cards and 12 adapters,  so that the sd card is then flush with a pi and does not stick out,  regardless of weather the pi is in a case or not.  may be worth looking into.

12 keyboards / mice (well you can grab a keyboard / mouse from any computer)

12 psus for the pi’s

12 cases if needed

12 hdmi cables and 12 pi views,  *

12 headphones

*  The program is simple enough to be able to run over vnc or ssh -X.  If you can set this up and you have enough network ports.   This is easy enough to do, as long as your technician is able to support you doing this, and won’t compromise policies for example.

You can’t just set static ip addresses otherwise they can clash with other devices on the network, this needs to be managed perhaps set the ip address and bind this to the mac address, print out the ip and stick this to the pi case.  that way you plug in a pi to the network and the nearest pc you simple connect using putty with ssh -X

You also need to know the ip address of the pi in order to connect.

Sonic Pi over VNC

Sonic Pi over VNC











Sonic-pi over ssh

Sonic-pi over ssh











So far I have at least confirmed that the software runs over both ssh and vnc,  not really tested it, it is rather slow,

Test pi is a 256 mb model B revision 1

test pc is a emachines 1400 running lubuntu 13.04