South Devon Tech Jam – December 2019 – Write up

South Devon Tech Jam – December 2019 – Write up

We had a productive month this time.   I managed to eventually get a computer set up to use as a Minecraft server.  Currently this is running Linuxmint.  There does seem to be some issues with the wired network at the library in that neither the installer for Debian or Ubuntu could pick up an IP address via DHCP.  So i just eventually settled on installing Limux mint then installed the Craftbukkit  Minecraft server software.

Using wireless to install, is not an option here for various technical reasons relating to the way the Library setup user access to the wireless internet.

We also had RetroPie set up or partly set up.  For some reason the Retro Pie image for the pi 2/3 did not seem to come with any pre-built in games, whereas the image for the older Pi does.   I resolved this post jam by copying a few games on the image at home,, so this is hopefully ready for the next jam.

THis is the usual main project and development area.

Starting to get a nice collection of free and give away items.   The magazines are more for people to look at during the jam.  But we have lots of other resources to learn programming, electronics etc.   LaTeX / Overleaf items are still available.

We were also showing recordings of talks from various conferences on topics such as Blockchain.

I also set up two of the netbooks so they are connected to monitors,  this gives a little more desktop area to use,  which is better than looking at small netbook screens.

This is build a slot racer kit that visitors can have a go at building and experimenting with.

The next jam is 11th January 2020