South Devon Tech Jam – Mar 2019

South Devon Tech Jam – Mar 2019 write up.

A quiet but interesting and certainly productive meeting.   We set the room up so that we had tables with information, books, magazines, stickers and other freebies.

Information Table One

Information Table One

We also had a table with the event pack items sent from Overleaf.  Overleaf is an online collaborative LaTeX editor.  Pens, notebooks, stickers, cheat sheets and some floating ducks as free giveaways.  So a big thank you goes out to Overleaf for sending me an event pack.


We also had a few robots and other kit people are working on.



Netbook running Raspbian Desktop, along with a Raspberry Pi top right.

Back in October 2017 we had a visit from Shelley at Encounters arts. Today we had a visit from Felix who chatted to us about the project, and where it is now and how we as a group can possibly use our expertise and get involved.   Looking at interactive displays.

Caroline came up with a few suggestions for ideas, and this is something we are going to look at, while we may not be able to get too hands on with this,  as a Tech Jam we are looking at how we can help bring together the expertise required to undertake this.

This project will be a small part of the Tech Jam, so we are not branching in to just doing this.  Full information can be found on our Facebook page along with related links and a link to Encounters arts.  This project will now be discussed further at our next event on 13th April 2019.

We also had various discussions on AI and how this is used in digital marketing etc. Digital security, privacy and other topics.  Physical computing activities were also undertaken by one of our younger visitors.

Photos : Copyright 2019 Paul Sutton