South Devon Tech Jam – May 2019 – Write up.



This months tech jam was fairly busy. Firstly we had Paul, who Lucy met at the Exeter Pi Jam  come down to help us with the electronics side of the Cloud Lamp project.  Great progress was made but a  little more work to do on this therefore Paul and Lucy are meeting up to complete the work.  So a big thank you goes out to Paul for coming down and helping.

Gordon also attended and showed us some more retro kit, this time we looked at old mechanical calculators as well as a slide rule that Paul brought along with him.

We had a few more new faces and a mix of boys and girls, which is great as there is a real drive on to get more females in to computer science.  Some of these attendees also attend code club.

We also had an attendee who asked for some help getting started with HTML and
Python so after some help he now has Python installed as well as a basic idea of
how to create a HTML file and view this in a browser.  Good foundations to learn more.

Other attendees were working on various things looking at over clocking Pi’s and playing games on the pi / laptops.  Old games, personal projects and assisting with the electronics for the cloud lamp project.

Ryan from Code Club also brought along some games he had written,  Retro could be a on-going theme for part of the jam.

Also nice to catch up with Michael and Rob too.

I also laid out the freebies that Overleaf (on-line LaTeX) sent a few months ago.

Thank you to everyone who attended today. Now looking forward to seeing everyone again on Saturday 8th June 2019.