South Devon Tech Jam – May 2019

South Devon Tech Jam – May 11th 2019

South Devon Tech Jam, is a small group of enthusiasts, who organise monthly informal and friendly sessions for anyone interested in technology, regardless of age or ability. We hope those who attend our sessions will enjoy learning new skills and sharing experiences about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM).

It’s a ‘bring your own projects’ club where you can enjoy a couple of hours with some like-minded people. We have people who bring their Raspberry Pi projects and Lego Mindstorms, while others are curious about what Arduino kits are and have an interest in Microbits. We also have members who have more advanced experience with networks, radio, servers and cloud computing. Plus creative minds who bring along their digital photography projects.

Next Tech Jam takes place on Saturday 13th April 2019.

What is planned:

More from the Encounters Arts Project and continuation from the April Jam. We should be able to start construction on the actual hardware side of things.  If anyone would like to help please get in touch via  AT gmail DOT com

  • Activities around personal projects
  • physical computing
  • Project demonstrations
  • discussions
  • LaTeX and Overleaf freebies
  • AIY kit to build up at some point in the future

Call for papers

Talks and workshops are welcome.

Please remember this is a Bring your own device / project event.