South Devon Tech Jam November 2019 – Write up

South Devon Tech Jam November 2019 – Write up
Note : Names of under 18’s are not mentioned for Child Protection / Safeguarding reasons

Today was quite busy, with a good few things going on.

Firstly we were helping restore an Apple imac operating system. There were a few problems with this, but we think we have resolved those or can do between now and the next jam.

Paul B spent quite a lot of time working on the managed switch working, so far this is able to give out DHCP ip addresses.

The plan now is to set up an old PC as a server, run Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS) and set this up as a minecraft server with some scope here to run other game or other servers. Mostly we can learn about this as we go.

We were also working with some of the young people on web coding with I need to bring my books to
Code Club on Saturday.   We also set  up a 2 player MInecraft-Pi game on the Pi’s.

I spent some time sorting out the donations of kit to the jam. Lots to go through but doing this slowly in order to be methodical.

Caroline and Lucy also spent some time discussing the website etc.

In all, a productive event.

Next jam is on:

Saturday December 14th
11 am to 15:00
Paignton Library and Information Centre

For more information you can get in touch via