South Devon Tech Jam – September 2019

South Devon Tech Jam – September 2019


We had a good mix of activities going on today,  one of the Code Club attendees did some work with Scratch and we also had April to discuss a project she has contacted me about before the jam.  I invited her along to discuss further to get some advice on this from Paul, but Caroline also gave some input.  .

More work was undertaken on the AIY Kit however., this is nearly complete we had a problem with ssh WIFI,  so this is now going to hopefully be completed in October.  I think the plan for October may be to use wired networking for this to get the kit fully working.   Right now via ssh 2 Pi’s can ping each other, but we can’t get ssh working.

In the mean time this may provide some useful information

AiY Voice

Paul B also showed us his current robot project. which again should be completed by a future jam as there is a little more work to do on this.

Paul’s Prototype Education Robot

We also seem to have an increasing range of give away freebies,  some left over from the NRS visit from last month, and not forgetting the Overleaf freebies.  I think we are also out of plastic ducks nearly ;(

Lots of free stuff, leaflets, stickers, bug things, pens
Overleaf table



This is a demonstration of pwm motor control to measure the speed of a running motor. This can be used to keep 2 motor speeds in sync so a robot can move in a straight line.

Paul B also demonstrated a project that will form part of a robot or other motorized project.  One issue with motors is that even if you have 2 identical motors, they may not move at exactly the same speed.  Even a slight variation can cause a robot for example to move off line slightly, but over time this ends up a big problem.  This is solved by a little extra electronics and a small wheel (which comes with the motor anyway) with holes on part of the motor,  this connected to a sensor can help measure the exact speed of one motor,  so that the 2nd motor can be set and auto adjust to the same speed as the 2nd motor.

room set up
Physical Computing Area


This is the Physical computing area,  taken before the jam starts,  Pi’s already to go, but importantly everything was working, connecting a different pi is a case of shutting down one,  unplugging and reconnecting everything to the new pi.

In other  news work on our website is progressing, along with some updated promotional material.

If you have any projects you would like to demonstrate or any questions please get in touch via info AT sdtj DOT org DOT uk.

Next Jam is on the 12th October.  With the Dates for the next two Code Clubs as 21st September then 5th October.