Stop Skype from autoloading

As Lubuntu is aimed at low powered systems,  there is no reason why it can’t be used on more powerful systems.

I have had skype autoloading for a while now and it takes ages,  adding a good 20 seconds or so it seems to the ready to use time after logging in.

if you look in.


You should find the skype icon in there,  delete this and it will stop it loading at start up.

Thanks to the Lubuntu-mailing list people for this as they have been helping me with various issues recently.

The following may be linked to this,  the second one is clearly a repeat of the above but the global one should be useful too.

Lubuntu global start up applications: /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart.

Lubuntu local start up applications: ~/.config/autostart.



I have now got my boot time down to 1 min 5 seconds,  however this is

boot to logjn

stop stopwatch

type password

press enter / login and restart stopwatch,

1 min 5 seconds to me is a long long time, but take in to account that my system has been running for a few years,  started out with ubuntu,  also seems to have to have other things running which are not needed.   I am sure it can be reduced further.