Summer work 2016


I am looking for some summer work for the school holidays.

I am looking to offer some sort of computer based activities,  perhaps based around Scratch, python and perhaps even Arduino as I have access to Scratch for Arduino.  I have access to related hardware that I can bring in but NOT leave at venues as it is required elsewhere.  I would be looking for work on a casual / session basis.

My intention here is to take some of what is on offer at the Torbay Tech jam out in to other venues.

I am also looking to get paid for this as this will help cover some of the associated costs of getting to / from venues,  hardware and other costs.  I also do enough volunteer work as it is.

As this will involve contact with children and young people then I am FULLY AWARE of the requirements for DBS checks and references.   However I get paid, there are additional costs such as paying in to a work place pension scheme.

As I am signed up with Hays education, then I am able to go in to schools, all the above is taken care of.  So perhaps this could be a good way to get me in on a sessional / casual basis.


I have access to:

2x Raspberry Pis (these are single board computers).  Most people should have heard of this by now

Arduino : Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.

What I would ideally need from venues is

Access to monitors, ideally with either HDMI or DVI digital inputs.  If these are older monitors they may have the standard VGA inputs which can be worked around.  I have created page here to explain what these video connection standards are.

If the venue has any computers, then perhaps setting up and installing software (the software is FREE) such as scratch, scratch4arduino, and the Arduino IDE (Integrated developer Environment) software could also be useful,  perhaps also install Python 2 & 3.

The advantage with this is that I would hope to inspire children and young people to keep programming when I am not around and keep creating projects.   This is the intention of the tech jam too.

I also seem to have a LOT  of resources for coding activities,  as well as several books that can be used.  There are also blog posts on this website that could be useful.


In terms of experience I have been working at Priory After school club for about 9 years. I have been running the Tech jam in Paignton since October 2013 a long with Tom Brough ( who is a STEM ambassador).  Prior to that we were supporting the Exeter Pi jam, and still attend that once a month.  I have some TA experience from working with hays both times and in the past I have also volunteered as a TA in several schools.

I also have experience coaching Tag rugby and have completed both the RFU tag rugby coaching course and the RFU / IRB entry level rugby refree award.  So in addition to Computers I could offer Tag rugby as a activity,  however I don’t have any resources for this.

I have also undertaken training in child protection,  food hygiene,  health and safety.  My first aid certificate has run out but I don’t anticipate working alone with a group of children,  as any environment should be open with other adults in the same room or area.

Just to end by saying thank you for your time.  I can be contacted via the contact page.