Tech Jam August 2019 – Write up

This month we had another good jam.  Quite a  bit of programming and physical computing using,   A few new attendees and discussions around various topics, including Code Club [1] and Funding.   We also had a visit from NRS Healthcare [4] who demonstrated some of the items they have on offer to support independent living, e.g Out of Bed Alarms,  Medication dispensers etc.  So a big thank you to them for attending.


Front Desk
Freebies and giveaways – Mostly stickers and leaflets.
A few promotional items from Overleaf, Pens, notebooks, leaflets and plastic ducks.


There will., at some point in the future be a run through of what Overleaf [2] is and how this relates to LaTeX.



Useful Links

The next Tech Jam is 14th September 2019.   The next Code Club is on 17th August.

Photos are under Creative Commons.