Tech Jam Write up 13/4/2019


The South Devon Tech Jam was very quiet, however both Felix from Encounters Arts
and Sue From Sense Abilities attended and we had a really good discussion with
regard to the project we are helping them with. More information can be
found here. Sue also gave some very valuable input in to this, as well as ideas on
inclusion. It was also decided that when we do build the final project, the code needs
to be modified so that the flashing is kept to a level that minimizes the risk to individuals
with Epilepsy

Having settled on the reactive cloud lighting project, Felix has made a prototype of a
cloud, This isn’t the final item, but a concept design for ideas:

We are looking at chicken wire for the structure and something like horticultural fleece
for the outer covering.

We discussed some of the materials needed and how we can get all the electronics
inside the structure but in a way that provides easy access for maintenance. In
addition, as the project is sound-activated, we discussed how we can produce the
sound required for the cloud to react to. We also discussed how we can ensure that
this project is inclusive.

We have arranged to meet up to make a start on the electronics side of this.

Lucy and I also discussed OSX command line and file permissions, something that
Lucy wants to learn more about.

The next tech jam is May 11. Details are on the Tech Jam Facebook page.