The Hidden web

One of the great things about diaspora is the fact you get different view points on many subjects.   I was reading one article and found a link to a documentary on Iranian Engineers helping out a village in Kenya with their water supply issues.

The short video documentary called veins of life follows the engineers as they equip a village so that they can get fresh water.  The site for this is  which seems to be the documentary section of presstv.

One of the things about this is they are IRANIANS.   If you listen / watch  mainstream media you get the impression that Iran is backwards,  violent and ruled by a regime that is obsessed with developing nuclear weapons.  Hardly a country that would help out its neighbours in this way.   As usual the TRUTH is the opposite to what we are fed by the media.

On observation :

What is also noticeable  about this village is that the children in the village look so HAPPY,  they don’t have TV, radio, internet, social media, or I guess mobile phones, and yet they are HAPPY.  Maybe given the number of young people  who are currently suffering mental illness, and that is partly attributed to pressures we are putting them under,  you must get XYZ grades, you MUST use social media, or wear certain clothes to fit in with everyone else or end up being cast on some sort of scrapheap for not fitting in.   We have plenty of evidence from asking young people that shows they are very unhappy.

This is well documented but there is a related article here.

Perhaps western societies can learn something,  one of the things that keeps coming out of these US shootings is the person who does this was suffering some sort of mental ill heath,

However videos such as this gives you a whole new viewpoint on what is going on in the world