Torbay Pi jam write up.

12th April

Again we had a mix of things going on, Tom Brough brought Bob along, with more improvements / enhancements from last time. He can walk and was set in guard dog mode, which those of you who attended the last Exeter Jam will know he just sits there until activated by movement detected by the ultrasonic sensor. Most of the enhancements are with the walking mechanism.

Gordon Henderson Demonstrated the Fuzebox, with more enhancements to FuzeBASIC, it now integrates with Minecraft and has a host of other features, so any school getting Fuzebox will have lots of great things to do with it. It looks well worth the investment.

Myself and Tom also got Xubuntu 13.10 up and running on a old netbook, not quite pi but the pi jams double up as Linux user group meets so we can still support anyone with Linux related issues (the Pi runs Linux, after all). So that is another Windows box that may well one day not run windows. 🙂 I also demonstrated toms Helicopter game and gave one of the young people the github details to download it.

Thank you to Dan Smith for donating an old laptop I left this running scratch and one of the young people attending spent some time on this.

A big thank you also to the following companies who sent us stickers and to Dan smith for sending out e-mails to get these for the jam.

Thank you also to everyone who attended either as part of running the event or just came along, your support is really appreciated.

Looking forward to the next Jam on 10th May.