Torbay Tech Jam March 2016


Preparations for the next Torbay Tech jam are well underway,   I will bring along my Obstacle avoiding robot again, but also be looking at setting up 2 pi’s for multi-player Minecraft.  I can also set up some Pi’s for Scratch,  Learning suite will be available for Hour of code, (or will be if this is possible).

As always the tech jam site will have details of what we are planning on doing for the next jam.

I have had a look at Scratch for Arduino,  this may be of interest to schools so if you’re looking at introducing Arduino and Electronics but want an easier user interface this could be one solution.

If anyone out there who has some expertise then please get in touch via the Tech Jam contact page.  Maybe come along.  I think this sort of thing would be of interest to schools, as it is easy enough to solder together some simple circuits (or more complex circuits) that can be plugged in to the Arduino.