Torbay Tech Jam


The Torbay Tech Jam is an event that runs once a month,  at Paignton library and information centre.    The idea of the jam is to :

The purpose of the TTJ is to provide a space for people to meet up, with the common aim of learning new skills
and providing help / support to others in order to promote the advancement of technical skills such as programming & electronics.

We particularly aim to inspire young people and encourage their participation in related STEM subjects.

We want to encourage people to take an interest in coding,   Coding is about writing computer programs so we have access to languages such as python,  c++, scratch.

Scratch : Block based language aimed at children.

Python : Considered the next step up from Scratch.   But there are lots of other options.


Rather than try to explain what this is in beginner terminology I have found a you tube video which should help you understand what the Pi is and why it was created.