ToriOS 2017

I have found some time to get back to my project of writing a manual for the ToriOS operating system.  Those of you who have been following me for a few years will know what this is.

ToriOS ( is now based on Debian 8, codename jessie.  So I am essentially, starting over but re-using much of my original content.  Any help would be appreciated, if you want to get in touch I am zleap on the freenode channel for the project #torios.

However help with the project is needed generally so any testing, bug reports or other develop is welcome. Please visit our launchpad page or get in touch via the website.

ToriOS is a GNU/Linux Operating System built for very old computers (NON PAE) and for those who are interested and brave enough to build their own system the way they like from a fully working base with GUI and minimal installed packages by default.”

I am now also using LyX to create the user manual.  This is a more user friendly front end to create LaTeX documents.

I will post more updates in due course.