ToriOS Daily Build 1

Anyone following this blog will know that I am involved with ToriOS.  ToriOS is a GNU / Linux based system designed for low power and low memory systems, hence support for non-PAE hardware.

ToriOS is currently in the late stages of development, and we would like more testers for the daily build iso files.

More information on the project can be found at

If you want to get involved you will need a spare PC,  a good back up system, as installing directly on to the PC could WIPE ALL DATA.  However testing in a virtual machine such as virt-manager under Mint works fine.  You can also use VMware or virtual box.   Doing so just requires basic computer skills for a simple virtual machine setup.

If you are already using GNU / Linux you can download the latest daily build and checksum with

wget -c
wget -c

The ISO will then download,  this may take a while.,  however as this is a daily build to save having to download the full ISO each time you can update it with zsync


Which will also checksum the download for integrity.

I am working on the manual so if anyone out there can use or uses  LaTeX type setting system (generally used in academia or scientific / technical fields) then please feel free to get involved.

Please get in touch with the team via the project website, or connect with us on twitter, facebook, g+ or e-mail.  we are also on IRC ( .

I am in when I am logged in to IRC, however I can also be found on #dcglug.   If you are registered as a user on freenode then you may be able to send me a message via memoserv.  However e-mail is generally a lot easier.