ToriOS : Development tools

ToriOS : Development tools

Further to my previous post on getting involved with ToriOS.  We have come up with the following list of the languages, tools, libraries that are used by ToriOS.  This list is not exhaustive.   All that is covered here are tools for development.  If you would like to help with Testing or documentation then we can help further via the mailing list with those aspects of the project too.

This post assumes you have at least:

  • Joined Lauchpad
  • Joined the ToriOS mailing list
  • Are able to search for information using services such as duckduckgo to find out information before asking.


– knowledge of dialog programs (yad/zenity/dialog/etc) is helpful

– understanding of chroot environments is needed for work on ISOmaker

– understanding gettext in scripts would be very beneficial


– fltk is the GUI toolkit used, familiarity with the API will help
(though it is very straight forward)

– pugixml library is used to create menus, and handle all JWM
configuration changes.

– make or cmake knowledge is helpful could be useful for this.

All of the above are well documented,   It may also be useful to join and take part in various related online forums / communities.

Debian : Getting Started – 3

The freenode IRC network  Hosts channels relating to free software.  Freenode also plays host to the IRC channel.

Due to the volume of e-mail you will get on joining multiple forums and or e-mail lists  generally, you may prefer to sign up and create a specific e-mail address for using these forums.  Services such as disroot are privacy aware. But still support encrypted e-mail and support POP/IMAP/SMTP.

The ToriOS mailing lists are fairly quiet, but this will pickup as more people join the development team.