Torios Documentation Development

As I am currently involved with developing some documentation for the ToriOS Project.  I am using LaTeX to typeset the document.   To help me, I am using a package on Lubuntu called TeX Studio.   This has big advantages over MS Word / Libreoffice :-

  • Free and open source software
  • LaTeX is used to typeset all sorts of documents, especially scientific publications for this I have set it to book and it is sorting out the right layout for me.
  • Uses plain text, so there is non of the nonsense you get with different file types, file versions, software versions it just works.
  • LaTeX is what you see is what you mean,  I don’t need to highlight, then find the bold tool. just use the right LaTeX tags.
  •  I can add a table of contents, index, and for more specific documents a bibliography easily, again just use the right mark up and it sorts everything out.
  • Worry about content and the software just gets on with making sure it looks as it should.
  • Create PDF files directly.
  • LaTeX doesn’t need a graphical interface, I can use any text editor.

Work is slow. I am adding sections as I can.








TeX studio in action.


If you would like to contribute, you need a launchpad account and then join:

After that, you need to subscribe to the mailing list:

Now, you need to send an email to the list to introduce yourself and choose one of the areas you’d like to contribute to:

You can get in touch with the team by several methods, details of which are below.  Which is where the above get involved information has been sourced from.

You do NOT need to know LaTeX to contribute to the documentation,  just be able to write plain text.  However a few more LaTeX hackers would be useful.