ToriOS Manual Update 3


If you have been following me for a while you will know I am involved with several FOSS projects. One of which is ToriOS,  a GNU / Linux based light weight operating system.  As part of this I am writing the documentation,  with help from a few other people.  Sam Klein has taken over the primary development in order to use his experience from the Ubuntu manual project to improve the general layout of the ToriOS manual.

I am focussing my efforts on developing a manual for the JWM (Joes Window manager) settings manager.

You can grab the latest LaTeX files from my github repository for the project

This was updated a few days ago, so still work in progress,  you will need to compile the LaTeX in to the pdf manually or use TeX Studio which I am using to create the manual.  I will work on this further during the Christmas break.

Help and volunteers are still needed for this project in general, we should have the website back up and running shortly so if you can please download the latest ISO and test, or if you are a LaTeX expert please look in to helping with the manual development side of things.

We also need people to write code,  maintain the website etc.   We are lucky to have some very talented hackers on the team so you may even find that you get approached to help with other FOSS projects, all of this should look good on your CV.