ToriOS Manual Update

Today, I took a big step forward in the Development of the manual for the ToriOS operating system.   Last week I added 2 tables of links to resources mentioned in the manual.  Today these tables were replaced with a proper bibliography,  from which resources cited within the manual are listed.  So for example,  early on I cite ToriOS this has the number 1 next to it,  click on this and you are taken to the Bibliography section that has a link to the ToriOS website.

So far I have moved all the items from the tables. I now need to go through and cite the appropriate resources in the text, then delete the tables once this is all done.  As I do this I can add more resources as required.

This is a big step forward.  I also need to move all the graphics to the screen-shots folder and re-references these in the document source so they display (this is very easy using LaTeX.)  This will make the root folder of the manual a little more tidy.

The next stage after that is going to be adding information on the applications that come with ToriOS.

We also want a HTML version of this manual.  If you would like to help with this please get in touch.