Torios Project update

For those of you who are following my blog / twitter feed you will know that I am involved as Documentation lead of the Torios project.  Over the past weekend I made a big stride in this.

  • Added the screenshot for the Jwm window manager settings manager
  • Added a section on testing and included some instructions on how to test a virtual box vdi hard disk image
  • Added information on how to create a flash disk.

There is still some work to do on this but I am getting there and hopefully this information can be synchronised with the online wiki manual.

We are still in internal testing phase at the moment but we should hopefully be able to release a pubic pre-alpha very shortly after which we will be seeking more feedback from user testing, so if you are interested please sign up.

If you can help in other ways please get in touch with the project leaders, details can be found on the website.  Ideally you will have a launchpad account which you will need to enable to you sign up to the main discussion list as well as edit and contribute to bugs, blueprints etc.  If you need help please ask.

If you are unsure what launchpad is please go to the website here. Or visit the Torios launchpad project portal.


Notes on early testing in virtual box seem to suggest that having 256 mb of RAM provides a nice quick system.  As this is a replacement for Windows XP which is now end of life.



Latest news can be found here.

IRC (chat) meeting schedule can be found here,  don’t worry if you don’t have an irc client I have added a web based interface to the channel