ToriOS Testing 1.5 Released part 2


I spent part of this afternoon installing ToriOS 1.5 on a netbook,  with the view that having usedg the OBI installer software I could write instructions for the ToriOS manual which is my main project.  However in order to write the manual you need to have access to the software or system you’re writing about.

Install went fine, however I have reported a few issues to the developer list to see if they can be resolved.  I will add the install instructions to the manual in due course.

What is really needed is some help with testing and reporting of what works and importantly what does not work.

Trying to promote these opportunities to local groups.  These are open to ALL ages,  If anyone would like to to help with the ToriOS project please get in touch via the ToriOS launchpad page.

While I am looking for help with documentation, what would be really useful is to make sure that related documentation is up dated fully.  So for example a good solid OBI installer and or JWM manual saves having to write sections for the manual,  I can make direct references to this and just include what I need in the manual.    Research and communicating with other groups play a massive part of development of free software.

Given the number of free software projects, there are 1000’s of opportunities.  Eventually I would hope to have a local development community who can then perhaps use the South Devon Tech Jam as a meeting place.

Helping with free software projects should also help develop important skills that can be used elsewhere, employment for example.  It needs people who are open minded and actually understand how widely used Linux is.

If you are not sure what any terms used in this post are, please take the time and look them up with search tools such as duckduckgo.

Good luck and advance welcome and thank you to anyone getting involved.